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Library Membership

Students of one SLIIT campus are allowed to use the Library of another SLIIT campus for reference while Academic staff is eligible to borrow books from any campus they teach. It is mandatory to have a library membership to borrow books.

To become a library member a student have to keep a refundable security deposit of Rs.3000/=.

Such student will be registered as a library member who has the borrowing rights. Members have access to core text books, reference books, general reading materials, CDs, DVDs and etc.

Students who have library membership are allowed to borrow one book for a period of 7 days. Books on high demand will be issued for overnight use during the demanding period. Books issued for the weekend may also vary depending on the demand during that period. Post Graduate students are allowed to borrow one book for a period of 14 days. If a member requires the same book tobe renewed for a further period of time he/she will allowed to renew the same for another half a period of entitle duration (e.g. 3 days for under graduates) by using the library website.

If a member student needs to borrow more than one book at a time he/she is allowed to do so after depositing an additional refundable deposit of Rs. 3000/-

Download Membership Forms


SLIIT library enriched with subject oriented e-resources such as Emerald Database, IEEE Xplore and Science Direct Journals.SLIIT library subscribed to ebooks covering subjects Information Technology, Accounts, Finance, Marketing and Hospitality Management and Engineering. SLIIT library subscribed to ebooks of Pearson, McGraw Hill, John Wiley and Elsevier publishers related to subjects Information Technology, Engeneering, Business and Education. All these resources are available through the library web or courseweb. All users of Malabe and Metro campuses and Matara, Kandy and Kurunegala centres are allowed to log directly to the database by using the SLIIT courseweb.

Plagiarism Detective Tool

SLIIT library is also using the plagiarism detective tool named Turnitin and allow students and teachers to upload papers to check for accuarate writing.

Refund of the Library Deposit

Students may claim the refund of the security deposit after handing over the duly filled application form available at the library. Application for refunds will be entertained at the end of a semester and that will be announced periodically during that period.

Accordingly a student may request for a refund:

  • At the end of the course for which he/she is registered
  • If he/she no longer wishes to continue with the borrowing facility
(such applications should be forwarded at the periods mentioned above)

However if a student leaves SLIIT for any reason, such student may claim the refund at the time of leaving.

It is tobe noted that students should apply for the refund within a period of two years after graduation.If not he/she will lose the claim for refund after the said period.

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Members are required to return books on time. If a book is overdue a fine of Rs. 115/- per day per book will be charged. Absence is no excuse for delay in returning a book.

In case of illness a medical certificate issued by the SLIIT Medical Officer or a recognized Government Medical Officer must be submitted as a proof. This rule will apply to both students and all members of the staff.

Replacement of Lost Library Material

When student realised that he/she has lost any borrowed matirial, he/she should immediatly inform the librarian at earliest possible.

If a book is lost or need to be replaced, the borrower responsible should pay the replacement cost of the book and any other appropriate charges as determined by the SLIIT Management.

  • A user may be permitted by SLIIT to replace the lost item with an identical one acceptable to the Librarian within one month.
  • The person responsible will be required to pay to SLIIT the replacement cost of the particular item + 50% of the value of the book.
  • If the item lost/damage cannot be replaced, the user will be required to pay a replacement cost as given above and also any other additional charges as penalty as determined by SLIIT.