Library Facilities

One-to-one Consultation

  • This service is available every Thursday from 3 to 5 pm. Patrons may ask & clear library-related questions in a language they prefer, English or Sinhala.

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Inter Library Loans

  • Items not available at SLIIT Library may be available through the Inter Library Loans Service (ILL) allowing members to borrow items from another library within the country.
  • SLIIT Libraries corporate with other related libraries to borrow books and other resources to fulfill its membership requirements.
  • SLIIT developed Institutional membership with Curtin University Library in Australia to cater to Curtin undergraduates and the post graduates. Locally SLIIT collaborates with the Charted Institute of Sri Lanka Library, CIMA Library and American Centre Information Resources Centre by getting Institutional library membership. In addition the library networks with the National Science Foundation and the National Library of Sri Lanka
  • ILL lending facilities are provided for all SLIIT students when necessary and a member student or a researcher can request for ILL facility with prior permission. Please contact the librarian for further information.

CD, DVD Burning Services

  • Arrangements are being made to provide copies of CDs/DVDs available in the library. Students who have the library membership are allowed to borrow copies of CDs/DVDs for reference. Please contact the library circulation desk for reservation.
  • Convocation and SLIIT profile DVDs are available for sale at the library.

WiFi Facilities

  • SLIIT Library is facilitated with WI- FI access.
  • Users who have personal electronic devices (laptops, PDAs, etc.) with wireless Internet connections are allowed to access Wi-Fi connections. If any connectivity problem is experienced please contact the Library Staff.

VPN Access

  • Off-site access to library e-resources. This extend local campus network access to off-site resources. Click here to download VPN access guide.

Laptop Inside

  • Using Laptops inside the library is permitted only for study purposes. The sound should be muted while in the library.
  • Students are not permitted to watch movies or play games inside the library. If a student group needs to do so for assigned project work, students are requested to get prior permission from the librarian.
  • Inside the Library study cubicles and work stations students can find RCD (residual-current device protected) plug extension blocks . They are marked as

SDI Services

  • Selective dissemination of information (SDI) services regularly alert users to new information on their chosen topics. Through the SDI Service, researches involved in various fields are identified as they are looking for specific information. User profiles are maintained according to their subject interests. The AOLS library system provides automated searches that inform the user of the availability of new resources through e mail.