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Period : 31.Oct.2016 - 28.Feb.2017

Automobile Engineering, Vol. 2
ISBN: 9788180141775

Author(s) : Singh, K.
Abstract : the book has been revised a number of times to keep pace with the changing global trends, particularly Indian scenario. The eleventh edition in hand is up dated till July 2010. S.I. Units used throughout. Useful for degree/Diploma students of Mechanical/
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Medium : English
Mastering Autodesk Maya 2014
ISBN: 9781118574966

Author(s) : Palamar, T.
Abstract : this book is for you. Nearly 1,000 pages are packed with organized, professional, and valuable insight on the leading 3D application on the market, enabling you to unlock the software's more complex features. Ideal as both a tutorial and study guide for t
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Medium : English
Energy Management Handbook, 8th ed.
ISBN: 9781466578289

Author(s) : Doty, S., Turner, W.C.
Abstract : this eighth edition includes significant updates to energy management controls systems, commissioning, measurement and verification, and high performance green buildings. Revised chapters cover motors and drives, HVAC systems, lighting, alternative energy
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| Edition : 8th ed. | Medium : English
Essentials of Mechatronics
ISBN: 9780471723417

Author(s) : Billingsley, J.
Abstract : This innovative, cutting-edge publication presents the essential nature of mechatronics, a field at the crossroads of information technology and mechanical and electrical engineering. Readers learn how to blend mechanisms, electronics, sensors, control st
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Medium : English
Dynamics of Multibody Systems, 4th ed.
ISBN: 9781107042650

Author(s) : Shabana, A. A.
Abstract : introduces multibody dynamics with an emphasis on flexible body dynamics, includes a new chapter and detailed derivations of some important equations. Many common mechanisms such as automobiles, space structures, robots, and micromachines have mechanical
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Edition : 4th ed. | Medium : English
Automobile Suspensions
ISBN: 9781461333913

Author(s) : Campbell, C.
Abstract : his book is an introduction to the elementary technology of automobile suspensions. Inevitably steering geometry must be included in the text, since the dynamic steering behaviour, road-holding and cornering behaviour are all influenced by the suspension
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Medium : English
Fundamentals of HVACR, 3rd ed.
ISBN: 9780134016160

Author(s) : Stanfield, C., Skaves, D.
Abstract : Book introduces the principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The book is comprehensive enough to be used as the basis not only for HVACR courses, but for entire HVACR programs. Units are short and digestible, presenting co
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| Edition : 3rd ed. | Medium : English
Cambridge English for Engineering
ISBN: 9780521715188

Author(s) : Ibbotson, M
Abstract : Book is designed to improve the communication skills and specialist language knowledge of engineers, enabling them to work more confodently and effectively.
Number of copies: 8 Published Book

| Medium : English
A Textbook of Machine Design,14th ed.
ISBN: 8121925371

Author(s) : Khurmi,R.S, Gupta, J.K
Abstract : The book explains the life cycle of engineering design, with respect to machines beginning from identifying a problem, defining it in relatively simpler terms, considering the environment in which it operates, and finding a solution to solve problems or i
Number of copies: 11 Published Book

| Edition : 14th ed. | Medium : English
Refrigeration and air Conditioning, 3rd ed.
ISBN: 9789351340164

Author(s) : Arora, C.P.
Abstract : This textbook introduction to the theoretical principles and practical aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.This text is ideally suited for undergraduate education in mechanical engineering programmes and specialised postgraduate educatio
Number of copies: 10 Published Book

| Edition : 3rd ed. | Medium : English