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Period : 30.Dec.2016 - 29.Apr.2017

C How to Program With an Introduction to c++
ISBN: 9781292110974

Author(s) : Deitel, H.M. , Deitel, P.J
Abstract : The Eighth Edition continues the tradition of the signature Deitel “Live Code” approach--presenting concepts in the context of full-working programs rather than incomplete snips of code. This gives readers a chance to run each program as they study it and
Number of copies: 11 Published Book

| Edition : 8th ed. | Medium : English
Essential Scrum A Practical guide to the most popular Agile process
ISBN: 9780137043293

Author(s) : Rubin, K.S.
Abstract : Essential Scrum is the complete, single-source reference you’ve been searching for. Leading Scrum coach and trainer Kenny Rubin illuminates the values, principles, and practices of Scrum, and describes flexible, proven approaches that can help you implem
Number of copies: 6 Published Book

| Medium : English
Software Engineering , 10th ed.
ISBN: 9781292096131

Author(s) : Sommerville, I
Abstract : This text seeks to lay out the fundamental concepts of this huge and continually growing subject area in a clear and comprehensive manner. The Tenth Edition contains new information that highlights various technological updates of recent years, providing
Number of copies: 6 Published Book

| Edition : 10th ed. | Medium : English
Resource Management for Construction
ISBN: 9780333552544

Author(s) : Canter, M.R.
Abstract : the aim being to develop a structured approach to the management of each resource within an overall integrated framework. The early chapters examine the problems of resource control - they describe the economic, financial, social and legal constraints und
Number of copies: 4 Published Book

| Medium : English
Building Design Cost Management
ISBN: 06320580056

Author(s) : Jaggar, D., Ross, A., Smith, J., Love, P.
Abstract : textbook explains the development, application and pivotal role of design cost management from inception through to completion of a project, and considers its context and relevance within current construction procurement arrangements, including design and
Number of copies: 4 Published Book

| Medium : English
Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications, 2nd ed.
ISBN: 9780415822091

Author(s) : Percy, L.
Abstract : Integrated Marketing Communications is not just about utilizing different communication options in your marketing campaign; it is about planning in a systematic way to determine the most effective and consistent message for your target audience.This textb
Number of copies: 6 Published Book

| Edition : 2nd ed. | Medium : English
Cartoon Animation
ISBN: 1560100842

Author(s) : Blair, P.
Abstract : Topics include character development, line of action, dialogue, timing, and, of course, animation! This valuable resource provides all the inspiration and information you need to begin drawing your own animated characters.
Number of copies: 2 Published Book

| Medium : English
Architecting The Cloud Design Decisions for cloud computing
ISBN: 9781118617618

Author(s) : Kavis, M.J.
Abstract : Book is vendor neutral and guides you in making one of the most critical technology decisions that you will face: selecting the right cloud service model(s) based on a combination of both business and technology requirements.
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Medium : English
Master Shots, 100 Advanced camera techniques to get an expensive look on your low budget movie, 2nd ed.
ISBN: 9781615930876

Author(s) : Kenworthy, C.
Abstract : Master Shots gives filmmakers the techniques they need to execute complex, original shots on any budget. By using powerful master shots and well-executed moves, you can develop a strong style and stand out from the crowd.this book can rescue your film, an
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Edition : 2nd ed. | Medium : English
The Five C's of Cinematography Motion picture filming techniques
ISBN: 187950541X

Author(s) : Mascelli, J.V.
Abstract : this text concisely presents concepts and techniques of motion picture camerawork and the allied areas of film-making with which they interact with and impact. Included are discussions on: cinematic time and space; compositional rules; and types of editi
Number of copies: 1 Published Book

| Medium : English