Library Services

Academic Publication Support Service

SLIIT Library provides valuable support to academic staff by assisting them in obtaining DOI numbers for their research publications and facilitating the acquisition of ISBN and ISSN numbers for their scholarly works.

Guiding them to high-ranking academic journals for publication and providing support in identifying predatory journals.

Book Butler Service

SLIIT Library's Book Butler service, facilitated by its organizational membership with CA Sri Lanka and British Council, offers a convenient solution for library staff to visit these libraries and borrow materials on behalf of SLIIT staff. This service saves time and effort for SLIIT staff by providing access to resources from external libraries without the need for individual visits.

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Circulation Service

The SLIIT Library Circulation Service is a convenient and efficient system that enables users to borrow and return resources at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT). Undergraduate students and postgraduates alike have the opportunity to borrow up to two books for a period of two weeks. With a user-friendly online platform and helpful staff, the Circulation Service aims to provide a seamless borrowing experience and support the academic needs of the SLIIT community.

Current Awareness Service

The SLIIT Library provides valuable current awareness services by curating and offering magazines such as HBR, Economics, and MIT to keep users updated on the latest developments in business, economics, and technology. These resources enable users to stay informed about cutting-edge research, industry trends, and insights from renowned experts, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within the SLIIT community.

Document Delivery Service (DDS)

Through this service, users can request and receive documents such as articles, book chapters, and reports that are not available in the library's collection. Whether it's obtaining physical copies through interlibrary loan or accessing digital resources through online platforms, the DDS ensures that users have access to a wide range of scholarly materials to support their research and academic pursuits.

Inter Library Loans

Items not available at SLIIT Library may be available through the Inter Library Loans Service (ILL) allowing members to borrow items from another library within the country.

SLIIT Libraries cooperate with other related libraries to borrow books and other resources to fulfil their membership requirements.

SLIIT developed Institutional membership with Curtin University Library in Australia to cater to Curtin undergraduates and the postgraduates. Locally SLIIT collaborates with the Charted Institute of Sri Lanka Library, CIMA Library and American Centre Information Resources Centre by getting Institutional library membership. In addition, the library networks with the National Science Foundation and the National Library of Sri Lanka.

ILL lending facilities are provided for all SLIIT students when necessary and a member student or a researcher can request for ILL facility with prior permission. Please contact the librarian for further information.

Laptop Inside

Using Laptops inside the library is permitted only for study purposes. The speakers should be muted, and they are encouraged to use headphones while in the library.

Students are not permitted to watch movies or play games inside the library. If a student group needs to do so for assigned project work, students are requested to get prior permission from the librarian.

Inside the Library study cubicles and workstations, students can find RCD (residual-current device protected) plug extension blocks.

Newspaper Clippings Service

SLIIT Library's Newspaper Clippings Service offers a valuable resource for users by collecting and organizing important newspaper articles. This service ensures that users have access to a curated collection of relevant news articles on various topics, providing a convenient and efficient way to stay informed about current events and developments.

Other Extension Service

SLIIT Library organizes an annual Used Book Fair, where anyone in the SLIIT community can select a book free of charge. The primary objective of this service is to foster a reading culture and promote the habit of reading within the community.

Query Negotiation

The SLIIT Library offers a comprehensive query negotiation service to assist users with their research and information needs.

Through the "Ask Librarian" service, users can seek personalized assistance and guidance from the librarian.

One-to-one consultations are available for in-depth discussions and tailored support. This service is available every Thursday from 3 to 5 pm. Patrons may ask & clear library-related questions in a language they prefer, English or Sinhala. Click here to register.

The library also provides chat services via social media platforms, enabling real-time communication for quick and convenient query resolution.

These options ensure that users receive the necessary guidance and support for their research and information queries.

Reference Service

The SLIIT Library takes pride in its comprehensive reference service, aimed at assisting users in quickly and efficiently finding the information they need. With a team of knowledgeable librarians, users can receive personalized guidance and support in utilizing the library's vast resources effectively. Whether it's locating specific materials, conducting research, or navigating online databases, the reference service ensures that users make the best use of the library's resources to meet their information needs.

Reprographic Service

SLIIT Library provides a convenient Reprographic Service to students, enabling them to obtain copies of past papers, book chapters, and other relevant materials. This service ensures easy access to essential resources for academic purposes, supporting students in their studies and research. With options such as photocopying and scanning, the Reprographic Service allows students to conveniently obtain and utilize these materials within the library's guidelines and copyright regulations. Click here to refer our copyright guidelines.

SDI Services

Selective dissemination of information (SDI) services regularly alert users to new information on their chosen topics. Through the SDI Service, research involved in various fields is identified as they are looking for specific information. User profiles are maintained according to their subject interests. The AOLS library system provides automated searches that inform the user of the availability of new resources through e-mail.

User Education Service

The SLIIT Library takes pride in its user education services, which include online webinars and workshops tailored for both students and academic staff. These interactive sessions provide valuable insights into effective research techniques, information literacy skills, and utilizing library resources. By offering these educational opportunities, the library empowers its users to enhance their academic and research endeavors, fostering a culture of continuous learning within the SLIIT community.

VPN / Remote Access

Off-site access to library e-resources. This extends local campus network access to off-site resources. Click here to download VPN access guide.

Web Based Library Service

The SLIIT Library offers a range of web-based services to enhance accessibility and support remote users. These web-based library services include Online Catalog, E-Resources, Remote Access to resources, online document delivery, virtual support, Research assistance etc.

Wi-Fi Facilities

SLIIT Library is facilitated with WI- FI access.

Users who have personal electronic devices (laptops, PDAs, etc.) with wireless Internet connections are allowed to access Wi-Fi connections. If any connectivity problem is experienced, the library team support is there on request.